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  1. No sooner had we put away the summer sandals after almost getting frostbite this week, than the first Christmas enquiries landed on our desk. “Is it that time already?” we shivered, then got to work planning our new Christmas balloon range. We're keeping it simple this season – basically it's glitter with everything.

    Our glitter feather balloons are already available here in baby pink, antique rose pink and white, but next week we're going to be adding gold glitter to all our feather balloons.

    And because we're feeling all sparkly inside, we can even add glitter to our  confetti balloons.

    Mind you, not everyone is feeling the love for glitter – our long-suffering studio cleaner June says it's playing havoc with her hoover…




  2. We love all our balloons equally, but some are more equal than others. The first time we stuck our own logo on a couple of feather balloons, we thought they looked awesome, and frankly we got a bit over-excited. 

    Since those heady early days, we've been busy sticking clients' logos all over our clear bubble balloons – some are household names, and others will be one day, especially if they keep making genius marketing decisions like ordering our corporate balloons.

    Latex balloons have their place (at kids'parties and as free giveaways in McDonalds) but they no longer catch the eye in the highly competitive world of corporate press and marketing events. On a more practical level, latex balloons only float for 8-12 hours at the most. 

    The clear bubble balloons we use can be filled with confetti or feathers to reflect a company's corporate colours, branded with the logo, and attached to matching confetti strings and weighted boxes. We use Parcel Force's reliable and tracked service to send our balloons to events all over the UK. 

    Even better, our balloons can last up to 10 days (although five days is more realistic at a busy event where they get handled and bumped around). This makes them perfect for both one-off events and exhibitions, where they need to last until the last customer has left the building. 

    Not convinced yet? Take a look at our portfolio of clients' corporate branded balloons, then email us for a quote at

    Siobhan & Jo x