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  1. We had so many feather and confetti balloon orders for Mother's Day last year, that we almost broke the Royal Mail. This year we're encouraging customers to get ahead of the pack and order their special Mum's surprise early… and opt for a Thursday or Friday delivery rather than the last-minute Saturday option.

    Our special bubble balloons are made of plastic rather than latex or foil and will last for up to 10 days. Possibly longer if put on display at the Tate Gallery and never touched by human hands!

    I'm afraid we don't offer Sunday deliveries as we only entrust our special handmade balloons to Royal Mail posties – they're the best, but they don't work on Sundays. Fair enough – we're all in favour of keeping Sunday special here at Feather Balloon Towers.

    Order your personalised Mother's Day feather or confetti filled helium balloon here… and don't forget to add lots of kisses on the enclosed card – mums love all that sloppy stuff. 

    Have a good one x

  2. The needles from the office Christmas tree barely had time to drop before we were packing up the studio and moving to our lovely new premises in The Calvert Centre, Woodmancott, in January. We've always liked a bit of fresh air here at The Feather Balloon Company, and now we have it in spades. We're surrounded by acres of glorious Hampshire countryside, rolling hills, arable fields and woodland. All we need now is a bit of warmer weather to come along and everything will spring into life. In the meantime, we're revamping our website, streamlining our products, and sewing the seeds of a vibrant new future for our business. 

    Balloon and party events companies come and go, but The Feather Balloon Company has now been in business for three hard-won years. At the heart of our business is our range of gorgeous feather balloons, with added glitter for the party animals among you. But we also make a beautiful range of confetti balloons in all the colours of the rainbow. In fact, we also make rainbow confetti balloons. All our balloons can be printed with a message and a longer personal note attached to the weight.

    We don't pretend to make the cheapest balloon-in-a-box gifts, and we know that our customers are spending a lot of money when they order one of our products. In return, our small team of talented balloon artists painstakingly handmake these perfect personalised gifts. We don't need a reference number to find your order – we already know it off by heart.

    We don't like to blow our own trumpet, so we'll leave it to one of our customers to do it for us. As bride-to-be Lauren Askew said of her bridesmaid proposal ivory feather balloons: “I just want to thank you so much, the balloons are better than I ever imagined! They were amazing and the girls loved them!”

    Cheers, Lauren. Emails from customers like you make it all worthwhile.

    Siobhan x