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  1. “Rose gold is the hot new trend for this year,” said someone very important. So we sent out our trusty sniffer dog (oh ok, it was our office pet pug Boris) to track down the perfect materials to create our new rose gold feather balloon. The icing on the (wedding) cake was the discovery of a new rose gold vinyl to personalise our balloons. Frankly it costs more per ounce than real rose gold, but we think our customers are worth it…

  2. You can never have enough glitter in your life…so we've launched our new range of sparkle-filled glitter balloons. We've taken our feather balloons and given them a glitter make-over – gold glitter, silver glitter,emerald green glitter and Royal blue glitter. You name it, we're chucked the glitter pot over it.

    We're always working on new ways to make our bubble balloons even more fabulous. So watch this space for literally earth-shattering news… coming soon.