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  1. The views from our workshop in deepest, darkest Woodmancott in Hampshire are beautiful all year round… but they're completely magical when sprinkled with a light dusting Whitefeatherballoonsof snow. We're not afraid of a bit of snow, so the team carried on working this week despite the threat of blizzards and possibly the end of the world (according to the news). 

    However, despite our kick-ass attitude and decent winter tyres, we had to admit defeat when a blanket of the white stuff came down today (Thursday 1st March) and turned our slightly slidey roads into treacherous death traps. 

    We've been able to meet most of this week's orders but the Royal Mail has now advised us that they can no longer guarantee next-day delivery. We're quite sure the usual rainy grey weather will be back on Monday 5th March, when normal service will be resumed. 

    In the meantime… we'll leave you with a quick snap of the snowy white feather balloons we were filling with gold glitter, before they almost flew off into the woods. Brrrrr… 

    In the words of the great TV oldie Hill Street Blues – let's be careful out there x

  2. We had so many feather and confetti balloon orders for Mother's Day last year, that we almost broke the Royal Mail. This year we're encouraging customers to get ahead of the pack and order their special Mum's surprise early… and opt for a Thursday or Friday delivery rather than the last-minute Saturday option.

    Our special bubble balloons are made of plastic rather than latex or foil and will last for up to 10 days. Possibly longer if put on display at the Tate Gallery and never touched by human hands!

    I'm afraid we don't offer Sunday deliveries as we only entrust our special handmade balloons to Royal Mail posties – they're the best, but they don't work on Sundays. Fair enough – we're all in favour of keeping Sunday special here at Feather Balloon Towers.

    Order your personalised Mother's Day feather or confetti filled helium balloon here… and don't forget to add lots of kisses on the enclosed card – mums love all that sloppy stuff. 

    Have a good one x