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CorporateconfettiballoonsWe make bubble balloons. That's it. We do one thing and we do it well

We're not just a balloon company – we're a small team of designers who specialise in creating personalised and branded bubble balloons for both the luxury gift market and corporate event industry. That's it. We do nothing else. No mermaid themed balloons, no foil numbers, no latex balloons or DIY organic garland balloon kits. We're great at making beautiful feather, glitter and confetti filled clear bubble balloons. And when we're not creating special occasion balloon in a box gifts for our regular customers, we're busy designing cracking corporate balloons for press events, exhibitions and retail launches. Our inhouse team of techies can turn any logo or design into a floating marketing statement to impress clients or simply get the party started. There's no minimum order and we're just as happy to make a one-off balloon for a small business launch as we are to create 100 big-name branded balloons for a major London event. Call us on 07548 817080 for a chat or email [email protected] for a same-day quote. 

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